a LaTeX package for typesetting guitar chord diagrams

by Kasper Peeters, kasper.peeters (at) aei.mpg.de


Guitar players often use a notation for chords that shows a part of the fretboard, indicating in a graphical way which strings to press and where. GCHORDS is a LaTeX package that draws these diagrams using only LaTeX symbols (ie. without using any postscript specials). This is what it looks like:
There are many options to change the size, use numbered dots, combine chords with lyrics and so on. See the manual for detailed information. Available under the GNU General Public License.

Getting the files

The package consists of the following files:

Other guitar chord typesetting software

If gchords is not what you are looking for, maybe one of these programs can help:
Graphical tool in Perl/TK for creation of guitar song sheets and song books, including tablature and chord diagrams (the latter using postscript, will use gchords.sty in a future version).
This program reads a text file with the description of music and outputs a postscript file. It has guitar chords added as an option, but I guess you can use that feature separately too. Does of course not mix with TeX as nicely as gchords, but the output looks good.
In case you only want to typeset the names of chords over the lyrics, this package has several useful facilities.
A new graphical music score typesetter.

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